Why 3D printing?

3D printing is a technique which builds up your product layer by layer. Different printing techniques can be used, so that almost every part can be realized quickly and at relatively low costs. That is one of the biggest advantages of 3D printing.

The technique makes it possible to quickly print for example prototypes or end products. It is therefore no longer necessary to have an injection mold made, which immediately results in enormous cost savings.

Below you will find a more detailed explanation of the biggest advantages of 3D printing.

1. 3D printing is for everyone

To have a 3D print made, not much more is needed than a digital 3D design. This makes this technique accessible to almost everyone! Whether you want to print an entire production run or are looking for a single product that is specially personalized for you, it is all possible with 3DWise’s 3D Printing Service.

2. No minimum order quantity

The production of small numbers of products under 2000 pieces can be an expensive affair. Only having an injection mold produced can easily cost thousands of euros. By using our 3D printers you no longer have to make this big investment.

We do not have a minimum order quantity, so it is no problem to have small numbers of products printed! Making prototypes, but also producing small dynamic series will therefore be a lot cheaper if you use the innovative technique of 3D printing.

3. Design is easy to adjust

The technique of 3D printing, in contrast to the use of injection molds, ensures that adjustments can easily be made to your 3D design. This makes you much more flexible, because you can have new revisions of the product when you place your next order, without paying additional costs. This is not possible with an injection mold since an entirely new mold have to be developed.

4. Perfect technique for rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the sector in which 3D printing comes into its own. By using 3D printers, you can convert your 3D model into a full size product in a relatively short time.

Before 3D printers were on the market, it was a time-consuming task and -above all- a very expensive affair to develop products. Having a new product produced after each revision or even having new injection molds made is anything but an efficient way of developing. A lot of time and money had to be invested in every version of the prototype, with the sole purpose of seeing whether it works and fits as well in reality as in the drawings.

With the advent of 3D printers and CAD programs, you can theoretically move from design to product within one day. By using this service you immediately have an edge over your competition.

5. Speed of the process

Depending on the type of product, the time it takes for 3D printers to build a product is quite considerable. However, the alternative is to develop, make and test an injection mold, which has a development time from a few weeks to sometimes even several months. This makes the product development a very time-consuming process.

By working together with 3DWise you can have your product in-house within a few working days (depending on the order quantity), which makes it able for you to quickly get an idea of the result and possibly continue with the development of your product.