Our services

3DWise makes it possible to provide you with your own 3D print within a short time. This can be achieved by sending us a 3D design. Do you not have the skills to make a 3D drawing? In that case you can share your ideas with us so that we can make a 3D drawing and subsequently print it for you. Below you can click through to the 3D Printing Service or 3D Design Service, where you can read exactly how everything works.

3D Printing Service

Have you made a 3D drawing or found a design online? We offer you the opportunity to send us 3D designs, which we will check and subsequently print for you. View all our options and requirements.

3D Design Service

To have your desired 3D design printed, you need a professional drawing. Don’t you have the skills to make a 3D drawing yourself? We are happy to help you turning your ideas into a printable 3D file.