About us

3DWise is a Dutch start-up that was founded in 2018. It is a young and innovative company that is mainly engaged in 3D printing, but also makes CAD drawings. With this, sketches can be converted into prototypes and/or complete products. We are fascinated by the rise of 3D printing, because this technique makes it possible to realize a wide range of ideas relatively quickly. This contributes to our goal to make 3D printing accessible to everyone!

We are not only active in the Netherlands, but we also receive requests and orders from all over the world. So do you have a part or model to be printed? 3DWise can take care of this for you! We have several 3D printers, with which your products can be printed in the highest quality and accuracy. Do you need help with designing your model? Then we are happy to help you, so that your project can be completed in the best possible way.

Visit our 3D Printing Service or 3D Design Service page to see if we can be of service to you. Or visit our online store to view our own products!